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Black Kandinsky is the new project of some musicians from Pakava It’, 1/2 Orchestra, Safety Magic, Tinavie, Krylov Quartet.

Of course,if you know some of this bands, you can imagine a lot of brass, saxophones, rhythms and drive…Now we have some poetry inside. We use different texts from Fedor Dostoevsky, Rex Stout, Daniil Charms, Yjaroslav Hasek, Charles Dickens, Mariano Gonzales.

We started Black Kandinsky like afro-beat project,but in course of time we start to modify it to jazz, psychedelic and funk music.

Like most of the people we like new in music.It’s like a new city,which came,like for the first time on a nudist bitch, for the first time in the forest, like new faces in a old band, like chinese soup or fried cockroaches… You can imagine all this by yourself, but it’s better to listen it…